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Our Dog Services Include Harness Fitting, Muzzle Fitting, Coat Fitting, Tick Removal and More

Dog Harness Fitting Braunton

We offer a range of services here at Top ‘N’ Tails including dog harness fitting in Braunton as well as tick removal, muzzle fitting, coat fitting and more. Our shop has been established since 1999 and we have developed a reliable and trustworthy reputation across North Devon for the services we provide to our customers. In addition, as animal lovers ourselves, we will treat your pet like it’s one of our own! If you are concerned about choosing the right harness for your pooch, we are here to help. We have years of experience and have handled dogs of all ages and temperaments, so we guarantee to ensure your dog remains calm and comfortable throughout their time with us. We provide quick and convenient services, and our shop is based in the centre of the village with plenty of car parks nearby.

For dog harness fitting in Braunton, get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

Dog Harness Fitting

If you need dog harness fitting, you will receive a great service here at Top ‘N’ Tails. A properly fitting harness is important for your dog’s comfort and enjoyment while being on a lead. A harness should fit snug so your dog cannot back out of it, but not so tight that it chafes and causes discomfort. There are many harnesses on the market so we do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We can help you find the best option that suits your dog’s size, shape and breed. In addition, we also provide muzzle and coat fitting, so contact us today.

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Tick Removal

When your dog gets a tick, it is important to get it removed quickly. Ticks can pass infections and diseases from one animal to another, and they can stay on your dog for several days before eventually dropping off.

A tick needs to be removed properly as squeezing the tick or leaving the head will increase the risk of infection. We offer tick removal here at Top ‘N’ Tails, so if you spot a tick on your pooch, get in touch with us for help.

Local Dog Services

Contact us for local dog services. We have details of qualified dog trainers and behaviourists in the local area, as well as dog walkers, doggy day care and pet sitters.

In addition, we also offer weekly or monthly hire on indoor dog pens for holidays, illnesses or puppy training purposes – if you want to purchase one, we will take the hire price off the cost!
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Contact Us Today

For harness fitting in Braunton as well as our other services, get in touch with us today to book an appointment. We also offer dog muzzle fitting and tick removal. We look forward to welcoming you into our local store.

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